Ikea Refund & Return

Service:- We offer a cash refund for all your unwanted/unopened Ikea items & collect same day.

Pricing:- Fixed
1-10 Items Ikea Refund & Return London 0-12 Miles £60
Items Ikea Refund & Return London 13-24 Miles £80
Items Add £10 / 16-20 Items Add £20 / 21-25 Items Add £30

One Hour Delivery Slots & Bank Holidays:- Request Delivery Slots between One Hour and on Bank Holiday Sunday/Monday may incur extra costs.

Step 1- Place Your Booking: Fill in the required details on the booking form with the full list of items you require a refund for & the details for collection and then click submit.

Step 2 – Await Confirmation For Refund Request: Once we receive your refund request we will price it up and email you the total refund cost with our collection fees deducted before we proceed further.

Step 3 – Accepting Confirmation For Refund: Once you receive an email from us stating the total cost for refunding your items with our collection fees deducted from this amount, you can then instruct us to proceed by responding to the email.

Step 4 – Now Sit Back & Relax: We will now collect and provide you with a cash refund for your items at the designated time & day you have chosen for collection.

Step 5 – When The Driver Arrives: The driver will check with you that all the items you require a refund for are unopened/unused and then issue you with a cash refund & collection receipt.

Floor Handling:- There is a £10 charge if you require our driver to handle your item in a lift or without a lift up to the 3rd Floor and £20 charge to 4th Floor without a lift.

Refund Time:- Don’t worry, we will refund you at the same time that we collect your items so you have peace of mind.

Refund Payment Type For Cash-Receipt Provided:- We are able to refund your payment in cash.

Refund Payment Type For Non-Receipt Provided:- We are still able to refund your payment in cash but you will incur additional £10 fee on top of the collection costs.

Refund For Items With Damaged or Open Packaging:-
We are still able to offer a refund as long as the box has been resealed back with all contents.

Maximum Refund Amount:- Refunds must not exceed £1000.

Area Coverage:- We are able to cover areas within London.

Areas Outside London:- Please call us with the postcodes and we will try and calculate a fixed price.

Arrival Times:- We will do our best to arrive within the time scale stated however, arrival times are estimated and delays are sometimes unavoidable due to traffic on the road and previous jobs where the customer has under estimated the time duration so please always allow extra time for your move in your schedule.

Avoid Delays:- By booking earlier time slots so there are less jobs in front of yours & avoid busy days like Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Cancellation and Postponement:- You can postpone or cancel your booking within one hour from collection time and there will be no charge. If you postpone or cancel after this time frame you may be charged £30 to cover our first hour. If our driver is running late to your job you are able to cancel and make other arrangements at any time and you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Compensation/Discounts:- Unfortunately as the service we offer is out of our control and is dependent on the traffic on the road also customers providing the correct estimation time for their job we are unable to offer any Compensation or Discounts due to our driver arriving late.

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