What does hiring a 'Driver & Van' mean?

It means you are hiring a driver & van only and will self-load all your items in & out the van yourself without help.

What does hiring 'One Man & Van' mean?

It means you are hiring a 'Working Driver' & Van to help carry your load in & out the van inside your home or office.

What does hiring 'Two Men & Van' mean?

It means you are hiring a 'Working Driver + Porter' & Van to help carry your load in & out the van inside your home or office.

What does hiring a 'Taxi Van' mean?

It means you are hiring a Taxi Van & Driver who will assist you to self-load your items in & out the van from and to the pavement kerbside only. Diver will not be able to help carry items in or out of buildings for you.

How much advance notice do you need for a booking?

We are able to take bookings same day but the earlier you book the better the chance of getting the exact time you require.

When do I start and stop being charged for hourly rate jobs?

You will start being charged once the service provider has parked and made contact with you. Charging stops once the last item is inside the destination property.

If my driver arrives later than the booking start time will I still be charged for the time he had not arrived?

No, our chargeable time starts when the driver arrives at your address. We will do our best to arrive within the time scale stated however, arrival times are estimated and delays are sometimes unavoidable due to traffic on the road and previous jobs where the customer has underestimated the time duration so please always allow extra time for your move in your schedule

Why am I required to pay more to have my load delivered higher than the ground floor level on your fixed cost services when you do not charge extra to go above the ground floor level on your hourly rate service?

Our fixed cost services are calculated to cover the maximum time we feel it will take to do a job and will not change regardless if the job takes longer. If you instead wish to book our hourly rate service for your job, you can do so but please bear in mind that you may end up spending more money if there are any traffic jams or other unforeseen circumstances.

On your hourly rate hire, should I include the journey and time that you take to come to me and return to your base?

No, we do not charge customers for the time it takes for the driver/service provider to come to your address or when they return to base. We only charge from the time they arrive at the service address to when they have finished unloading at the destination address.

Do I have to give you a deposit?

No, we take bookings on the assumption that you want our service. However, some services require advance payment via Bank Transfer or Card.

Can I travel with the driver and does it cost more?

Yes, our van can carry up to two passengers and this does not affect the cost in any way. If you order two men then only one person can travel in the van. Please be note that our chargeable service to you is to transport your load from your collection address to your delivery address. Customers that wish to come in the van with our driver to follow their load, can do so on the knowledge that this is a ‘courtesy lift’ and we are not charging for this ancillary service.

Will my unboxed furniture be protected from getting dirty or being scratched in your vans?

Yes, all our vans have carpet installed on the flooring to protect unboxed furniture being transported. All vans are also cleaned on a daily basis.

If I pay with Cash will I still receive a receipt?

Yes, our driver will provide you with a receipt.

Are drivers insured?

Yes, all drivers are insured to cover all the work they carry out.

Can I get additional insurance?

Yes, for additional insurance cover please contact us or your home insurance provider.

Can I book for less than two hours for hourly charged jobs?

No sorry, hourly charged jobs are subject to a two hours minimum charge.

Why do you use cash to pay for Store orders?

No matter which payment method you choose to make payment with, we will always purchase Store orders in cash and give you the original receipt so your Sales Contract & Warranty for your goods still remain with the Store. We also do this in case you later want to return any of the items for a refund, you are able to receive your refund in cash and it is not instead refunded back on to a card that we have used.

Once my booking is confirmed how do I receive confirmation?

You will receive an email confirmation within 24hrs with all the details regarding your booking (please check your spam inbox if nothing is received).

Do my quotes include your vehicles entering the London Congestion Charge?

No, unfortunately there is no software available that recognises if you are moving within or through the congestion zone, which means £27.50 will be added to your online quote.