A) Definitions – The following definitions apply to the terms and conditions set out below that govern the contract of removal/delivery and other services between you and us. ”we”, “us”,”our” means Transport Masters Ltd, our employees, our agents and our independent contractors. ”you” and “your” means the customer, sender or consignor.

B) Service – Our chargeable service to you is to only fulfil the job you have requested on the booking form. We will not accept liability for any private agreements made with our driver/service provider for additional work that has not been stated on the booking form.

C) Subcontracting – We reserve the right to subcontract for the purposes of fulfilling the job/contract. Where any subcontractor is used, they will have been personally vetted by us to ensure that they have the necessary skills to safely carry out your work to the highest possible standards.

D) Insurance – We automatically cover all goods that are ‘loss or damaged’ in transit for the total value of up to £500 free of charge. This cover excludes damage or loss to goods: 
i) that have not been packed by ourselves with an inventory,
ii) furniture that has not been adequately protected with shrink/bubble wrap or a box,
iii) fragile or items containing glass that have not been adequately protected with bubble wrap & box,
iv) items that are lost outside transit or jewellery/money and also small items where the width, length or height is lower than one meter in size. 
Customers that require additional cover must take out their own Private Insurance beforehand.

E) Customer’s Responsibilities – Our drivers/service providers handle all customer’s load with absolute care, but they are only there to assist you will not accept liability for damage to customer’s property such as scuffs & scratches to walls & doors resulted in the carrying of their load as no matter how careful they are it can sometimes be unavoidable when manoeuvring large sofas/furniture through small doors & narrow entrances. If customers require such cover, they must take out Private Insurance Cover beforehand. It is the customer’s responsibility to dismantle any large furniture and wardrobes, and this should be done before our arrival. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all items will fit in the new premises. Our drivers/service providers will not be insured to remove doors or windows in such cases, it is up to the customer to organise a specialist if needed.

F) (Store Orders) Damaged Packaging On Delivery – Our drivers/service providers carefully select boxes that have no damage to their packaging but if in the unlikely event upon delivery you notice any damage to a box you can open and check the contents is still intact or refuse delivery & request for the item to be replaced for free. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any notifications of damaged packaging or items after delivery.

G) (Store Orders) Damaged or Missing Parts After Delivery – We are aware that flat packed items can sometimes be damaged or have missing parts within the box. If your order was purchased from Ikea and you find any items that are damaged or have missing parts don’t worry, just contact Ikea’s Customer Service within 14 days and request a home replacement which is free of charge. If your order was not purchased from Ikea then unfortunately you will need to place another chargeable booking with us where we will purchase and deliver the exact item again to you and return your damaged one back to store for a refund, so you only pay the cost of our service and not the cost of the item again.

H) Store Discounts – We reserve the right to keep any store discounts we receive when using our trade, loyalty or membership card and charge the customer the full undiscounted invoice amount. Any discounts we receive without using our trade, loyalty or membership card will be passed on to the customer.

I) Parking – Providing parking is the responsibility of the customer. If there is no parking pre-arranged, any parking fines received will be the responsibility of the customer and must be paid by the customer on completion.

J) Passengers – Customers that wish to come in the van with our driver to follow their load, can do so on the knowledge that this is a ‘courtesy lift’ (not for ‘private hire’) and we are not charging for this ancillary service.

K) Payment Requirements – Hourly rate jobs are charged at the minimum requested hire time regardless if the full duration is not used, then charged at every starting half hour. Fixed price jobs are charged at a fixed cost regardless of the time taken to be complete the job. Payment must be made in cash directly to the driver/service provider at the start or on completion of the job, payment by Bank transfer or Card Online must be made in advance at least 48hrs prior to the start of job.

L) Delivery Times/Arrivals – We will do our best to arrive within the timescale stated, however arrival times are estimated. Delays to collection/delivery times are sometimes unavoidable.

M) Changes in item numbers – If you have been given a fixed price for the job you may incur extra charges if the actual amount of items on the day exceeds the amount of items that were included in your quote, a couple of boxes more would not normally cause an issue, however if you have under-estimated your items by more than this the driver will add on an extra charge depending on the amount of items and time taken to load them.

N) Unforeseen Circumstances – We reserve the right to add extra costs due to unforeseen circumstances Congestion & Toll Charges. There will be an extra charge of £27.50 when passing through the London Congestion Charge & Ultra Low Emission Zone, other congestion charge zones and tolls will be charged accordingly.

O) Waiting Charge – If our driver arrives at the requested time and you require him to wait before starting your job, we charge £10 for every 15 minutes you require him to wait.

P) Cancellation and Postponement – Customers can cancel within 1 hour from the start time of their job. If you postpone or cancel after this time limit, you will be charged £50 to cover the driver’s first hour. If you postpone or cancel within this time limit, there will be no charge. We reserve the right to cancel or change dates and times.

Q) Advance Payment/Deposits – Advance Payment/Deposits paid to secure a date or time for our driver/service provider are non-refundable up to 24hrs from the start time of the job, regardless if a customer cancels or has not used the full duration of driver/service provider hire time that they have paid for. Where a customer cancels their job 24hrs prior to the start time, any Advance Payment/Deposits paid will be refunded in full.

R) Staff Abuse – Verbal or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. If the driver is forced to leave the job because of abuse from the customer, verbal or otherwise, the customer will still be liable to pay in full.

S) Marketing – By placing a booking with us, you automatically accept our Privacy Policy and give consent to us periodically sending you emails about our services, new website features, events or information which we think you may find interesting using the email address which you have provided until you unsubscribe.

T) Exclusions –
1. No more than two passengers are permitted at any one time.
2. General builders rubble & used paint tins (unless authorised disposal).
3. Oily/Greasy mechanical parts (unless authorised disposal).
4. Garbage / household waste / used carpet (unless authorised disposal).
5. Fridge or Freezer disposal (unless authorised disposal).
6. Hazardous or toxic waste.
7. Garden waste (unless authorised disposal).
8. Pets or livestock.