For many moving home can be a daunting and stressful prospect, particularly if this is the first time you have moved for a long time. The whole process can be stress free but requires forward planning and organization on your part. Below is a simple guide to give you an idea of the time scale involved:

Tip 1- Quotations: If it is a house removal we would advise you obtain quotations at least 3 to 4 weeks before your removal date. If you are obtaining several quotations for your move, be sure that each firm is quoting for the same type of service for a fair comparison.

Tip 2- Packing: If you have chosen to self-pack, it is a good idea to commence packing of non-essential items 14 days before your removal day. It is surprising how much you can achieve by packing a couple of boxes a day. Also it is very easy to under-estimate the amount of packing you will have to do. Cupboards can contain a surprising amount of items. Also bear in mind, the average kitchen packed requires 20 to 25 medium size cartons.

Tip 3- Labelling: Ensure to mark all boxes with the location you require them at your new address. Agood tip is to write the destination of the carton on the packing tape used to seal the box. You can use a Biro or suitable marker pen for this, or if you prefer, sticky labels. Note. Be sure to seal as many cartons as possible, and completely fill the boxes.

Tip 4- Wardrobe Dismantling: Dismantling should only be carried out where absolutely necessary. The old style wardrobes divide in the middle, so all the pieces which cross the joint will have to be removed. Modern wardrobes dismantle into panels, great care must be taken with the sections as chipboard is very easily damaged. Start by removing the back, then if possible lay the wardrobe on its back. Tape any fittings to the relevant sections. Ensure too, that chipboard wardrobes are sturdy enough to be moved.

Tip 5- Kitchen Appliances: Should be disconnected and contents emptied. A drum locking bar should be fitted to washing machines. Whilst we have moved thousands of washing machines without locking bars and have had no problems, it should be noted, that fitting the bar is part of the manufacturers warranty.

Tip 6- Parking: Parking near your residence should be easily accessible for us. Do whatever you can to reserve parking for the removal lorry. Remember the moving van cannot block the street. Also, if we have to walk half a block with your furniture the move will take longer and cost you more.

Tip 7- Loading order: We load your large items first and then work our way down to the smaller items so please be sure to try and make the large items accessible before the smaller ones.

Tip 8- Saving Money: If you are going to book an hourly rate service and want to spend as little as possible, be sure to have all your load packed and outside your property just before the driver arrives. Would you believe that this reduces your removal time to nearly half which means your total cost is slashed to half, as we only charge for the time our driver spends on your job.